About us

Iranshenasi publishing is a leading publisher in environmental studies in Iran for 24 years and publishes more than 200 books in environmental studies and Iranian studies.

The company was founded by Mr. Majid bakhtiyari on 1993 and works in many fields like publishing Atlases, geography, wildlife, environmental studies and Iranology books.

We believe in the power of the awareness of the written word and the scholarship that stands behind it. Our mission is recognizing, researching and documenting to implanting the idea of protecting our environment. We are proud to introduce Iranian culture and nature to our audience by cooperating with the expert authors, different research institutes of wildlife, geoturism, and ecotourism. 
Our strong focus is on publishing pocket books, field guide books and reference books.

Cartography & Map

Where is better to start knowing a country than by looking at its map?
Iranshenasi Publishing has deep roots in cartography.
With over 90 maps and atlases of Iran, its provinces and cities.
The tourist maps are based on the latest geographic methods, the GIS method and the most up-to-date information designed and the audience’s need has been carefully considered.
Over the course of the years, we have gathered a large cartographic database, ranging from historical sites and natural features to the most recent information on roads and urban changes.
We are now proud to present the Tourist Map of Iran and Tourist Map of Tehran in Chinese and English. These are just the first of a series of carefully crafted and translated maps and atlases, catering to the quickly growing interest in Iran and the rising number of tourists coming to visit this magnificent country.

Research & Documentation

Research and documentation about environment and wildlife is one of the most important fields of Iranshenasi`s publishing activities.
To know Iran, we have brought together a network of researchers and scientists, to Work on ecology and Geology, and everything in between. The field Guides that we publish are filling a chasm of
Information. Now, field scientists and enthusiasts can count on our books to identify species.
Titles that we are excited to soon unveil areThe Complete & Updated Checklist to the Birds of Iran & the field guide of Snakes of Iran. 
Iran is a country with a very different nature, mountains, lakes, caves, forests, the particular species of plant, mineral waters and numerous islands in the southern and northern beaches. All this has made Iran an attractive country for those who want to visit the new attraction, they become exciting and unforgettable. So, our publications provides a complete collection of Ecotourism books for tourists.